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  • Compost

    Mix of organic materials sifted through 1/2 inch screen. Soil enriching all natural compost is great for gardens & flower beds.

  • Fill Dirt

    Unscreened fill dirt used to fill holes or uneven ground. May contain stones and/or roots.

  • Mushroom SoilRich, fertile, mushroom soil can help you grow a great garden

    Screened topsoil mix. Nutrient rich soil used previously for growing mushrooms. Great for vegetable gardens.

  • Mushroom Soil & Screened Topsoil Mix

    Blend of topsoil and premium all natural mushroom soil. Perfect for vegetable gardens.  

  • Screened Top Soil

    Rich Soil sifted through 1/2 in screen to remove stones. Great for gardens, lawn, seeding & flower beds.

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